Nevada Post-Renee

So I’m really curious as to why it’s ok for Maria to so openly assume a persons gender. If it were someone who wasn’t trans it seems like a large portion of the LGBT community would get really pissed off. Maybe Binnie was trying to call out this backwards way of functioning in the community, or maybe she herself is slightly problematic. I have been wondering a lot lately about who we consider problematic, and why we rarely look at those in out own community. I know the group of incoming freshmen that identified as LGBT+ became divided over an issue like this. Some of the members were talking about how they liked specific races, then when they were called out for being racist, they said it was just a preference.

So why do we seem to be ok with discrimination and problematic people if they’re in our group? Do we think that problematic behavior is excused when the person it’s originating from is also a minority in some way?


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