Fun Home post

So I was personally handed fun home by my gay brother during my senior year of high school when my family was finally getting it though there heads that I was definitely bisexual, as I had been saying since I was 13. No, I’m not bitter at all. But for me it was really interesting to read about this girl who kinda figured out who she was without the label at a relatively young age, with an older male figure who was gay in her family. Obviously the relationship was really, really different, however, I did enjoy coming across this on our reading list during my second semester in college. I felt really connected to Alison when that happened, as I knew that I was going to get to explore gay culture as I never had been able to before, both in a literary sense and in an actually experiencing slices of life that were off limits as an underage high schooler.

So do you feel connected to Alison in a similar fashion at all?

If you are LGBT, when did you know? How did your family react in the context of Fun Home? Did you have anyone to look up to or to connect with when you did identify yourself?


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