what is love?

As the days came closer for Hella to come back to Paris, David’s guilt builds more. He tries to find comfort, by sleeping with other woman, for example Sue. But that is still considered cheating. This helps emphasize how the guilty that David feels is about being gay. Guilt about how he cheated on Hella with a man and not a woman. David tries so hard not fall for such sexuality, but as one says, the heart wants what it wants. But as much as he tries to avoid it, it’s obvious that his care and Giovanni would not despair. Such example is how he cannot stop thinking about him, cannot leave his room. After encountering with Sue, David returns back to Giovanni’s room, where he finds him weeping in a drunk character. David comforts him as he explains the trouble that happened at his job. David wants to be with him, help him with the troubles, as couple would. But that is not David, David does not want to admit his love for a man. Another thing I wanted to talk about was the imaginary of Giovanni’s room. The room is where the both characters spend time together. The room represents a treasure that has love trapped in a small space where it must remain. It’s a treasure that cannot be opened or seen by others. Its where David may feel safe and show his feelings toward Giovanni. This is why he feels like moving out from the room, moving away from Paris. He thinks this will change everything, and get rid of the bad he believes he has done behinds Hella’s back. But once again, the heart wants what it wants and it cannot be changed so easily. You cannot lose feelings after having such strong connection that’s seems to keep on growing even though you’re not trying to do so.



Why is he so ashamed of loving a man?

Why doesn’t he realize that cheating behind Hella’s back with a woman is as bad as doing it with Giovanni?

Why try so hard to love woman and be embarrassed to love man, when its emphasized that loving a man seems to normal in Paris?


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