The Unique One

Paul does not fit naturally in the world, always smiling but being twitchy in all sorts of situations. No one supported him throughout life, making him make poorly decisions as he grew. His life was unsettled, as he only enjoyed music and theater, instead of having company of others and/or doing peer activities. His sexuality was also shown, as he was mostly interested in boys when going to his job at the Carnegie Hall. Although interested in art and boys, no one still pay no attention to him, causing him to lie and also steal. Such poor decisions did get him out of sticky situations, but where morally wrong to do and no one really thought him that, he grew thinking it was there right thing to do better in life. His actions where not the only unsettles things he did, but also had despairing fantasies. He would imagine himself dying by a bullet triggered by his own father, or how he thinks he fathers preferred him to be dead. Such images help emphasize more of how he has no supporting person to rely on. Paul then moves to New York city with stolen money from a business he worked in. He thought money is all he needed to live happily, and he used it that way in fancy hotels and restaurants. Late he was caught for the stealing, and was pretty much left with nothing in life to look forward too. Although his father was going to look for him at New York city after paying the stolen money, Paul caused suicide. Causing self-murdered helps show the bottles unhappiness and loneliness he had felt in him since a child. A feeling he could not share or improve positively because of his actions and feeling like you have no one to rely on. Paul was a unique boy with different thought and sexuality. A personality that he had no idea how to work with it in real life.



If someone where have to support him and helped him grow, how different would he be?

Was he kicked out of school because of his behavior or for not being liked?


2 thoughts on “The Unique One

  1. Paul’s life is definitley a sad one, at least through my eyes it is. A boy who wasn’t supported through his life. It’s also sad in the fact that Paul is never mentioned to have any sort of friends or companions, so not only is he not surrounded by family, but he is also not surrounded or supported by a group of friends. He is truly a lonely being. The sadness of his story really comes through to the reader especially towards when his imaginary life and supposed world he built for himself in New York begins to crumble with the news that his father is on the search for him. The optimisitic side of me is saying that things would’ve been much different if he had friends or family he could turn to. He could’ve turned and talked to someone instead of having to shoulder the sadness and loneliness in his life all by himself. But then another side of me is saying tha even though there might’ve been people there for him sometimes people just can’t share that sort of lonliness and sadness with others, and it would’ve ended the same except just a tad bit sadder.


  2. This brings up the question of destiny vs. choice. Was Paul destined to die the way he did and remain alone BECAUSE of his “case” or because of his circumstances? I’d like to think that if he were to be allowed to live the way he wanted to, he would have remained happy even if alone. He did not choose to kill himself until he was caught, after all. Though like tberry said, that could just be the optimist in me.


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